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Team'd is a social sporting app designed to modernize the way in which pickup sports and other group activities are organized. The goal was to create an experience that would allow users to not only feel connected through the app, but also bring everyone together in the real world through sports.


Team’d was the passion project that kicked off my journey into User Experience Design. While working as a junior designer for an architecture firm, I had an idea for an app that I couldn’t get out of my head. After work I would write out features required, business plans, user flows, and the visual design of the app. While I didn’t know it at the time, I was engaging in UX work even if it was at a novice level. After designing the app, I worked with developers to code the product and bring it to the App Store and Google Play.


Ideation to Final Design

I wanted app to provide users a simple and fast way to search, create and share pick up games of all sorts with anyone interested. The app will notify users if a game that match their settings such as favourite sport, skill level, and age division was created near them. Team'd also has a profile page, friends list, and group chats to help create also organize pickup games and stay connected with friends. Since my target audience are male sports enthusiasts who play pick up sports, I decided to give the app a cool, masculine feel. The colour palette was inspired by companies such as Powerade and the NBA.

Marketing Materials

In addition to designing the screens for Team'd, I also put together a promo video and marketing posters to help raise awareness for the app.

Promotional Video:

I collaborated with a talented video producer, Nam Hoang, on the promotional video for Team'd. The goal of the promo video was to show a typical flow of a first time user using the app to meet new friends and play pick up sports. The frustrations of the current method to set up pick up games are highlighted at the beginning of the video. This helps explain the benefits of using Team'd. We wanted to send the messege that the app is for everyone and any sport. To achieve this, we shot the video in a way that each scene transitioned to another in a side scrolling style. Nam provided the narration for the video while I provided the acting.


I wanted the posters to grab people's attention when they pass by. Instead of using photographs of people, I designed vibrant and geometric illustration that stands out.


Landing Page

The landing page for Team'd share the same visual identity as the mobile app and was designed to be responsive for mobile.


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