Sensibill is a Toronto based fintech startup that works with various financial institutions to bring their receipt management solution to contractors, small business owners, and anyone else who hates losing their important receipts. To date, Sensibill has raised over $50 million in venture-backed funding and partnerships with financial instutions across North America, Europe, and Australia. As the sole designer on the team, I collaborated with both iOS and Android developers to deliver product features, helped clients during the SDK integration phase, and worked alongside the business & strategy team with RFPs for new partnerships.

Designing for the end user

When designing a receipt management solution for busy professionals, it's important that the product is easy to use, accurate, and has robust organizational tools so the customer can find the receipts they're looking for when it's time to file their expenses. 

Fast, simple receipt capture process

Sensibill's in-house image recognition technology allows the receipt to be captured and processed within a matter of seconds. The customer has the ability to verify and edit the receipt information in the rare case it processed inaccurately.

This fast image processing technology helps contractors on the go capture and store their receipt digitally right when they receive it.

Powerful organization

Customers can file and sort receipts by expense type, currency, merchant category, payment method, set reminders, and date ranges. They may also add context to expenses with notes and tags, and search for them when needed.

Helpful features such as exports and reminders

Once a receipt has been processed, they're always available digitally for customers to quickly search for and export in various formats (ZIP, PDF, CSV). Important dates such as return periods and warranty expiry date can also be added and set as a reminder so customers will never forget when it's approaching.


Designing for the institution

Sensibill's receipt management solution comes in the form of an SDK. Which means it is a white-labelled product that financial institutions can integrate within their own mobile app. Being a white-labelled product, it is important for the design to incorporate native iOS and Android components to both maximize compatibility with the business' existing app as well as allowing simple UI customizations to make the SDK fit with the rest of the business' app. In addition to designing the flows, interactions and UI, I also helped Sensibill put together documentation files to make the implementation process as smooth as possible for their client's business and development team.

Data insights for personalized customer engagements

While the end user gets a simple and convenient receipt management system, the institution receives deep personalized insights based on the user's receipt data.

Insights can be used to engage a customer to make more informed purchase and financial decisions. Examples include building brand loyalty by proactively tailoring products and services, finding entrepreneurs amongst customers to help migrate them over to business accounts, and leveraging values and lifestyle insights for more effective customer interactions.

All data collected is fully encrypted to protect privacy.

White-Labelled SDK

The UI of the SDK can be customized in a number of different ways to fit seamlessly with the institution's existing app. Elements such as the brand colour, button colour, font, icons, and various features can be changed by the institution with simple code.  

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